Jean BrisfertThe death is announced of Jean Brisfert also known as Raleaf who resided in London, England. He passed away peacefully at his residence in La Pointe, Mon Repos on Sunday 25th January 2015. He was 93 years old.

He was predeceased by his Siblings:
• Margaret Hughes nee Brisfere
• Yusup Meroe
• Hettie Descartes
• Matthew Joseph
• Natheniel Joseph
• Joseph Brisfere & Watson

Left to mourn

• Dr.…


Hilda Martelly-FRONT-1

Josephine Peter-2It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Hilda Martelly of Mon Repos who passed away at her residence at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday 31st December 2014. She was 79 years old.

Left to mourn

• George Martelly of Mon Repos

Three Sons
• Kenny Peter
• Herbert Martelly
• John Martelly, all of Miami, Florida

Four Daughters
• Helvetia Monero
• Rufina Lewis- Serieux
• Antonia Martelly
• Christine Martelly-Duncan all residing in Miami, Florida

Twenty Grandchildren
• Tessa Lewis
• Denise Peter
• Nathalbert Peter
• Rufinus Lewis
• Chovanna Lewis
• Eddie Lewis
• Lawrence George
• Tony, Andy and Kendra Peter
• Robertly Martelly
• Kerwin Louis
• Sunney Dalson
• Jay Peter
• Tricia Duncan
• Stephany Duncan
• Raju Martelly
• Ina Stephen
• Lenora Peter

Twelve Great Grandchildren

One Sister
• Margaret Madouze and family of Marisule

Five Brothers
• Morison Peter and family of Castries
• Thomas Peter and family
• Lawrence Petert akaT Pap and family
• Haden and family
• Leo Petert aka Grainy and family all of Praslin

Two Nieces
• Ethelta Elcock and family of Morne Du Don
• Juliana James and family of Mon Repos

Three Sons in Law
• Macellinus Monero
• John Seriuex
• George Duncan, all of Miami, Florida

Two Daughters in Law
• Hyacinth Peter
• Sabina Martelly both in Miami, Florida

Two Brothers in Law
• Gregor and Philbert Martelly both in Canada

• Cornelia of Praslin
• Viviana of Mon Repos

Best Friends
• Amelia Stephen
• Philomen Gustave
• Catrine James
• Julian James
• Madrey
• Mrs Baby
• Mr Grant
• Wenville
• Lazarus Martelly
• Renold Martelly
• Patsy Martelly

Also left to mourn
• The Peter family of Mon Repos and Praslin
• The Stephen family of Mon Repos
• The Fevriere family of Mon Repos
• Many other relatives and friends both here and abroad

The funeral service of the late Hilda Martelly will be held on Saturday 17th January 2015 at the St Ann’s Parish, Mon Repos at 2:00 p.m.…





100_7780Not for the first time, Cecilia Norbert of La Pointe, Mon Repos, Micoud in Saint Lucia continued on her mission to bring joy to the hearts of the young children of La Pointe. In the past she has engaged and entertained them in a wide variety of activities at all times of the year.…


Marie Francilia Tobierre-PhotoIt is with profound sadness we announce the death of Marie Francilia Tobierre also known as Ellen Tobierre of Desruisseaux, Micoud who passed away at St. Jude Hospital on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 at 6:15am. She was 76 years old.

Left to mourn are:-

One Daughter:
• Cecily Tobierre James-employed with Bank of St Lucia

One Son:
• Anthony Tobierre aka Tony, Marching of Desruisseaux

Adopted Son:
• Mc Quillan Alexander and his family of Cantonment, Vieux Fort

Grand Children:
• Dwaine Tobierre-serving in the British Army
• Tonya Tobierre-employed with Leverage Management
• Jervel Tobierre-student at St Mary’s College

Daughter in Law:
• Jacqueline Tobierre-Port Police at Hewanorra International Airport
Son in Law:
• Alain James of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, Vieux Fort

• Cynthia Tobierre and family in the UK
• Angella Tobierre and family in the UK
• Corine Morgan-student at the Ciceron Secondary School

• Lee Serieux and family of Morne Fortune, Castries
• Julian Tobierre and family in the UK
• Douglas Joseph and family in the UK

Close Relatives:
• Reverend George Leonce and family-Pastor of the Nazarine Church
• Cuthbert and Clarita James and their family of Augier, Vieux, Fort
• George and Hilda Martelly of Mon Repos, Micoud
• Pam Tobierre and her family of Augier, Vieux Fort
• Reynold and Patsy Martelly and family of Mon Repos, Micoud
• Shakespeare Wilson of La Tourney, Vieux Fort
• Louise Tobierre and family of Micoud
• Christopher Frederick and family of Desruisseaux
• Margaret and Emmanuel Joseph of Escap, Micoud
• Children of the late George Tobierre
• The Modeste family of Desruisseaux

Close Friends:
• Daniella Daniel-student of the Desruisseaux Combined School
• Ms Eldrifa of Blanchard, Desruisseaux
• Mrs Maggy Flood of Desruisseaux
• Ms Indie St Ange of Desruisseaux
• Louise and Peter (Dardam) Prince of Desruisseaux
• Veronica James and family of Anse Ger, Desruisseaux
• Egbert and Eustolia Ferguson of Desruisseaux
• Laureen and Claudius Ferguson and their family of Desruisseaux
• Marie Francis and family of Desruisseaux
• Ms Geraldine Malcolm of Desruiseaux
• Ketoe and Shakira Monroe of Desruisseaux
• Collete Francis of Desruisseaux
• Benita and Rene Herman of Desruisseaux
• Mr Lenny of Desruisseaux
• Wesley Felix of Desruisseaux
• Ms Eldra Montoute of Desruisseaux
• Debra Griffith of Desruisseaux

Many God Children including:
• Catty in the USA

Also left to mourn are many other relatives and friends including:

• The Tobierre Family
• The Martelly Family
• The Wilson Family
• The Roserie Family
• The Carasco Family
• Her colleagues past and present of M&C

The funeral service of the late Marie Francilia Tobierre also known as Ellen Tobierre of Desruisseaux, Micoud will be held at the Holy Cross Parish, Desruisseaux on Thursday 18th December 2014 at 2:00pm.…

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